Are dog collars one size fits all?

Are dog collars one size fits all?

Dog collars and leashes are crucial pet accessories that provide identification, behavioral support, safety, and a basic training requirement. Therefore, it’s important to make them wear both indoors and outdoors. However, one question that often arises regarding these essential accessories is, "Are dog collars one size fits all?” Well, we will explore it in this blog by discussing the steps to choose a perfect size and other aspects.

Dog collars in one size are not very practical for your pets, especially for larger breeds. Most collars come in different sizes with measurements ranging from small to extra-large so that you find the pawfect fit for your furry buddy. You must be wondering what kind of collar is best for your true companion because if it’s too big, it may fall off while running, and if it's too small, it may choke them.

Well, one of the most important considerations is choosing the right size and the type of collar. You can also select unique designs with different patterns to match your fashionable instincts. 

Important Steps to Consider While Choosing the Right Size for Dog Collars

Several types of collars are available in the market, from chainslip collars to martingale collars. They all have specific features to protect your dog, and with the right size, you can safeguard your dog's safety and embark on your adventure journey together.

Step 1: Consider your dog's breed

Every breed is different, and you can find some collars that are especially recommended for specific breeds. It is simply because a certain breed has more fur around its neck than others, and some pawsome friends, such as the German Shepherd, grow faster and heavier. A few breeds need rigorous training and have a very muscular build. Check breed information to get the proper idea about this.

Step 2: Check their age and growth pattern

Consider their age and growing process before buying collars as a pet supply. For pups, go for the delicate and lightweight collars, as they are small and in the growing phase. You need a collar with an adjustable length for dogs over six months old as they grow bigger quickly. 

Step 3: Use a cloth measuring tape

To find the right size, just measure the length of your pet’s neck with a measuring tape. Follow the two-finger rule; you should be able to put your two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck to find a comfortable length. Also, take care of fur length before deciding on the correct size.

After finding the right length, you can choose dog collars in your favorite color and designs. One of the most preferred types of dog collars is a martingale collar, which provides more control without constricting your dog’s neck. It applies pressure evenly, and adjustments can be made for a comfortable fit. They also come in various exquisites designs as mentioned below:

  1. Floral print collar

Floral print collar

This martingale collar blue paisley is for people fond of grooming their pets and who admire flowery prints as a fashion preference. It has beautiful floral prints in white and blue colors, making your dog look adorable and fashion-friendly. It is made of durable nylon webbing with the necessary hardware for support and security. Also available in three different sizes and is a perfect choice for female dogs.

  1. Tribal print collar

Tribal print collar

The tribal print dog collar has attractive tribal prints in white and orange colors over a purple base. Best suited for people who are fond of trendy designs and want to have a sophisticated and fashionable collar for their dogs.

  1. Multicolor art collar

Multicolor art collar

This multicolor art collar is designed with different colors in various patterns. It is a 1.5-inch wide martingale collar perfect for pet parents who are art lovers. It’s lightweight, skin-friendly, and available in three colors.

Final Takeaways

Every dog needs a collar to save them from accidents, to hang some information such as name and contact details, or to provide training. Dog collars are available in different sizes and patterns. Take help from the steps above to find the right size, and explore some beautifully designed dog collars for your true companion. Remember to check Ruthie & The Misfits to explore more pet grooming products and accessories, such as cute bow ties and customizable products to shower your love as a pet parent.

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