Enjoy wearing our fun merchandise to show off your support for Ruthie & The Misfits Pet Boutique.


He's one of the misfits, wearing one of our faux leather bow ties. He's a snuggly, talkative, and sometimes naughty boy. #andwelovehimverymuch


This scruffy little lady loves everything about everything! Her tail never stops wagging. Here she is wearing a custom couture necklace.


This is Margo aka Margo-rita. She is cute,fluffy, bossy, loud, and sometimes a real pill. But, she is also loving and really snuggly. We love all of her personalities 😉


This is Birch, AKA Birch-O-Saurus, AKA The Gabagool! The youngest of the Misfits, he is silly, energetic, snuggly, new to the pack. But, he fits in just perfect!